Thursday, January 5, 2012

Will Emma Thompson Adopt Adapt Annie For Will Smith?

She's their #1 choice!
As we all very well know, Will Smith and Jay-Z are planning on remaking the classic movie musical Annie for a new generation with Will's daughter Willow poised for the lead. It's been 30 years since John Huston wrote the original and Will and Jay reportedly want only the best to do [...]

"My fans seem to get younger and younger. So it’s very important for me to speak to a child differently than I would speak to an adult. And when all a child can hear is your music and see the way you dress, that’s the only thing you can really use to kind of steer [him or her] in the right direction. So I toned it down a bit. The music will always remain authentic. So taking out a few curse words every now and then doesn’t make you less credible of a rapper."

- Nicki Minaj to Ebony Magazine

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