Monday, April 6, 2009

Diamonds & Costume jewelry

Jewels are worn by every woman in this world & there is a saying that a woman’s beauty is incomplete without her costume jewelry. Jewellery can be categorized into birthstone ring, bracelet, necklace or other types. Jewelry can be diamond body jewelry, Spanish inquisition necklace, septum ring, birthstone ring, black pearl earring, Marie Antoinette Earrings or any other sophisticated jewellery. Diamonds and jewelry are two words that cannot be separated from each other. Diamonds when combined with platinum creates a great combination, loved & appreciated by everyone. If you have decided to purchase diamond jewelry then you need to learn the 4 C’s of diamond that will make your purchase quite easy.

1. Cut

A cut in the diamond refers to its reflective property that determines whether the diamond is pure or not. An impure diamond will never reflect the light back to the eye, whereas, a pure diamond has the property to reflect back the light. Different types of diamond cuts are idle cut, fine cut, shallow cut & deep cut. Shallow cut is less brilliance, while, deep cut is very poor. If you want to purchase a pure diamond then Fine Cut is the best choice; Idle Cut is also a good choice but not the best. Always make sure that you check the cut of a diamond before you decide to purchase one.

2. Clarity

When we talk about clarity, we are referring to the quantity of flaws a diamond can have. Diamond flaws include a small defect or a kind of spot present within the diamond. Since, diamond is developed by applying great force, it may not be same as the one found naturally. In order to find the clarity of a diamond, we need to determine the internal flaws and the surface flaws. Highly clear diamonds cost more. To make it easier for the customer, diamonds are graded on the basis of spots, usually, IF for internal flawlessness & F for flawless.

3. Color

Diamonds usually include a small amt. of color but a pure diamond is one that is colorless. In other words, that diamond reflects a white light that sparkle the eyes. Diamonds are graded on the basis of their color behavior. Some fancy diamonds that are blue, green or yellow in color are more costly due to their behavior of emitting color. Diamond durability is decided by the color of diamond.

4. Carat

Carat is a way to calculate the weight of a diamond. 1 carat means 200 milligrams. Also, the term carat is used to measure the quality of Gold. If a Gold piece is of 22 carat, it is said to be pure. Although, the maximum purity level of Gold is 24 carat but Gold melts at 24 carat.

Along with these 4 C’s you might want to consider the 5th C, i.e. Certificate of Genuineness. Certificate of genuineness ensures that you are purchasing the correct diamond and you are not being charged for a wrong diamond. People purchasing diamonds from neighboring should consider the below points for an effective and price effective purchase.


1. A local Jewelry store will always have limited designs of Jewels. The best option is to look for wholesale Jewellery distributors. There you will find several designs.

2. You might find a variation in prices of diamonds at the local store and retail store or a wholesaler.

3. Since, local stores have limited designs retail store or wholesalers are the best choice for purchase antique rings.


There seems to be no benefit of going to a local store unless and until new designs have arrived. If a wholesale distributor is far away from your home then you have no choice except going to the local Jewels store.

Internet is the best place to search for Costume jewelry wholesalers & find more information about different kinds of diamonds as well as selecting diamonds that best suits your needs & budget. Precious stones like quartz, sapphires rubies, etc are mostly found with the Wholesale jewelry distributors but some of the local stores also keep such stones.

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