Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ashton Kutcher Talks Two A Half Men Gig With Letterman And Digs On Charlie Sheen

Just a little bit, but still it was effective.
David Letterman decided that he wanted to know all the details of Ashton Kutcher's new role on Two and A Half Men, so he grilled the poor guy relentlessly on The Late Show last night. Ashton was a good sport, albeit looking somewhat uncomfy at times, but [...]

Don't take this the wrong way because we've actually realized its been awhile since we've seen you guys and we're pleased as plums that you guys are still together - but what the hell are you doing here, Liam?

Shouldn't you be in a forest somewhere, tracking rabbits with Jennifer Lawrence while she prepares to possibly lose her life in The Hunger Games? You can't be finished with the movie already - are you???

If he's not, he's choosing to spend his time very wisely with his on-again girlfriend Miley Cyrus. The pair were spotted having sushi in El Lay last night, laughing and smiling with each other. Then, it looked like Mileybird must've hurt her foot or something because while walking, the pair stopped so he could look at it for her.

Maybe she just stumbled over all the broken hearts that wanted Liam for their own, but Miley grabbed him first! Sigh!

No, really. Is the Hunger Games wrapped? Are we going to get it sooner than expected? SAY YES!!!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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